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The Global CIO Office

The Global CIO Office is a UAE-based outsourced CIO services business.  We are part of the rapidly growing outsourced CIO services industry.

A leading provider of outsourced investment services in the Middle East and Asia


The Global CIO Office is a UAE - based outsourced CIO services business with partners in Asia.  We are part of the rapidly growing outsourced CIO services industry. Our team of industry experts has considerable experience in delivering top quality investment products and advice.  We partner with single and multi-family offices and wealth management businesses to either supplement your investment team or provide a complete solution on a white labelled basis. With a broad, global network, The GCIO also offers its clients privileged access to private equity, venture capital and real estate opportunities.


Our Services

Your Strategic Partner


Portfolio Management 

We build multi-asset and single asset portfolios to your requirements.


Strategic and Tactical  Asset Allocation Advice

Our team of strategists can provide practical, timely tactical allocation advice.


Investment Due Diligence

We provide a due diligence service on both liquid and illiquid products, from mutual funds to venture capital.

Investment Consulting


Our CIOs are experienced in providing advice to the investment committees of family offices through to sovereign wealth funds.



We produce primary research on markets and products as well as insights into current investment opportunities.

ESG Investing


We support clients by sourcing ESG investments from our global network filtered with rigorous objectivity.

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